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  • unLock Equity

    Eliminate your current mortgage payment and free up frozen equity. Get a new loan to stay in your home.

  • Refinance Why?

    To take advantage of new programs, increased values and higher loan amounts.

  • Buy a New Home

    HECM purchase loans are becoming very popular. Increase your buying power with a HECM

  • Save Your Cash

    Maximize your home buying power while keeping your cash reserves with a HECM Reverse Mortgage loan

File at 65 & only collect 93.3% of your Social Security Retirement benefits

Wait until 70 & collect 132% of your Social Security Retirement benefits. For life!

Top 10 Reverse Mortgage Questions

    Refinancing into a HECM Reverse

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  • What if my spouse is under 62?

    Great news! Recent changes make in the HECM program allow you include your underage spouse in the deferral. There are specific terms and conditions your disclosed spouse must follow but he or she will not be displaced after a life event. Be sure to bring this up when we speak.

  • Can I still leave my home to my heirs?

    Yes of course, your estate or designated heirs will be able to retain the property and satisfy the reverse mortgage debt by paying the lesser of the mortgage balance or 95% of the current appraised value of the home. Scott can explain this in detail when you call: 949-644-8500

  • Can I get a better deal by shopping around?

    Another great question. Scott makes refinancing your current reverse mortgage into a HECM painless and any MIP you paid the first time will be credited on the new loan. You pay no broker or lender fees with Scott!

  • Do I still own my home?

    YES you do, you are still on title and the home is yours. Think of a reverse mortgage like this; you sign a mortgage note just like any other loan only with a reverse the payments are deferred until you no longer live there for a period of time.   The period of time ranges depending on the event.  Here is the best part, you or your heirs will never owe more than the property is worth. Isn’t that great?

  • Why would I refinance my current Reverse Mortgage?

    Many current Reverse Mortgages are being refinanced to take advantage of recent changes including, increased loan amounts, adding a spouse or eliminating the old 10% cap. Call Scott to discuss updates

    Buying a New Home with a HECM

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  • I just paid cash how soon can I HECM?

    Immediately, you can recapitalize by refinancing into a HECM reverse mortgage right after title is recorded in your name.

  • What about closing cost & fees?

    Another great question, the HECM to purchase program is highly regulated to protect you. That said, the fees the seller can pay are limited to agent commission. Seller concessions or lender credits are not allowed. Have your agent contact us before you write an offer.

  • What properties are eligible?

    Properties that are eligible for a HECM reverse mortgage include:

    • Single family properties
    • Condominiums (FHA approval required)
    • 2-4 unit properties (case by case)
    • Some manufactured and modular homes

    Contact Scott with questions

  • Can I buy a new home from a Builder?

    Yes you can. There is nothing better than a new home, there is one key element to know before the purchase agreement is signed. Contact us to learn more.

  • What mortgage products do you offer?

    As a Broker we offer all the federally insured Home Equity Conversion Mortgage “HECM” products available

    • HECM LIBOR: Adjustable Rate Mortgage “ARM”
    • HECM Fixed: Proceeds are lump sum only
    • HECM for purchase: Rates can be either adjustable or fixed

    As a broker we have the flexibility to locate the product that fits your needs, not just whats available.

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Latest Reverse Mortgage News

  • HECM_to_Purchase_LOANLINQ_www.encorefin.com

    Why Refinance a Reverse or Homekeeper into a HECM

    The 2013 Reverse Mortgage reform act has made the new Home Equity Conversion Mortgage “HECM” very attractive for current Reverse Mortgage holders to refinance. Seniors that are currently in a Reverse Mortgage can now Re-Rev their mortgage into a better federally insured product. Top three reasons to refinance your old reverse mortgage: Adding a spouseRead more →

  • Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) Program: Underage Spouse Okay

    Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) Program: Underage Spouse Okay

    Effective August 4, 2014. Another BIG step towards a better HECM loan. Effective 8/04/2014. Underage spouses will now be covered in deferral if disclosed at time of application.  Upon a life event, the disclosed spouse will have the option of staying in the home. This change only covers the spouse at time of application. There areRead more →

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